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The Perfect Plan Rejected By Man- Release Date November 10, 2013

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On The Road to Hope Real Life Journeys of Faith












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Dear Friends,
Welcome to Road to Hope,
Road To Hope Series Real Life Journeys of Faith, is a collection compiled by various award  winning writers, screenplay writers and published Christian authors of extraordinary spiritual  journeys through some of life’s most severe circumstances, depicting tragedies, miracles,  adversities  or life events that were extraordinary in nature. It is a spiritually uplifting collection of short stories  meant to inspire and encourage individuals. This book features the Life Story of Michael Houston King  which inspired his feature film, The Way Back Home.
This book highlights the common threads of faith that  have bound together a group of suffering Christians for the common and sole purpose of sharing  with the downcast the ultimate message of hope that leads to increased faith, maturity, trust, and,  ultimately, incredible opportunities in life. Each story conveys to the readers the message of hope,  faith and grace to persevere in trial and hardships. Each story has an ending pointing to the  miraculous love and power of God in someone’s life.
On The Road To Hope could not be timelier. It will show how others have suffered or endured trials  and onsets of perplexities to the point of what looked like a hopeless life event. Whether pain,  economical uncertainty, adversity, hopelessness, disease, financial upheaval, unforgiveness, or the  upsetting loss of loved ones. This book will take the reader on a journey that will inspire, encourage  and help them find renewed faith to see their way through life’s circumstance or adversity with their  Faith in God. They will see that there are others on the same road, facing the same challenges, obstacles, trials, and tribulations. If only they knew their path can lead to blessed hope if they only  trust, believe and develop an intimate faith in a Savior who loves them beyond compare, and connect with other Christians who are able to shed a light, take their hands, and give them guidance along the
way on their road to hope.
About Michael Houston King
Michael Houston King has an English degree from Duke University and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from North Carolina at Chapel Hill.   After school Mr. King moved to New York City and began his television acting career on the soap opera AS THE WORLD TURNS. 
He then moved to Los Angeles where he appeared in shows such as STAR TREK, PHILLY, DROP DEAD DIVA, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, and PACIFIC BLUE along with numerous network pilots including THE TRAVEL AGENCY for CBS, SAVING GRACES for the WB, and the syndicated pilot GREEN SAILS shot in Australia. 
Growing emotionally weary and losing his passion for acting in 2004, Mr. King “hit a spiritual and emotional wall” while living in Los Angeles causing him to stop acting entirely.  It was at that time that Mr. King shifted all his energy into writing the feature film THE WAY BACK HOME, a spiritual journey about the power of prayer, redemption, and the importance of family.  
THE WAY BACK HOME airs regularly on The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and can be purchased at most National Christian Book Store Chains and outlets.   Mr. King is presently working on his second feature titled MY BEST FRIEND while also producing a seven episode single camera dramatic series titled THE PASTOR.

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