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We’re Going to die! Seriously!

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bible deathIt is only in very recent years that I have been able to overcome a lifelong fear of death. I have heard from professionals that this can be common among people who have suffered with anxiety or who have had multiple loved ones pass away, or even someone who had a loved one pass away as a result of a very tragic circumstance.

As a process to work through this fear I was confronted with the hauntings that would cause this fear, hidden just beneath the surface, to rise up at the most inopportune moment. As a result I suffered from anxiety and panic disorder for over 15 years.

This is pretty personal and as you know, I am not one to expose or reveal a lot about my personal life. I did do that in my book, On The Road to Hope-Real Life Journeys of Faith. This book was a tell all of my life...

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