Had a conversation with one of my girls from jail: Here is the conversation: (Privacy Protected)

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women behind bars

This is a blog post from my memiros: “Women Behind Prison Bars” The identity of people are not shared and protected.

women behind bars

Had a conversation with one of my girls from jail: Here is the conversation:



“My entire life, I felt that my past was so dark and SO DIRTY that I could never come to God. Thoughts would come to mind that said “You’re a former tramp. You were a whore. You’ve done drugs. Your parents hated you. You’ve been divorced. You will NEVER be used by God.”

Here is what I told her:


Jail Chaplain

“Do you know what voice was talking there? The voice of religion that says “In order to be accepted by God, you have to be PERFECT, pure, righteous and holy!” But, when I read the bible cover to cover, you’ll never guess what I found… Abraham was a liar. He lied twice to a king to save his own butt. Noah was a drunk. He got so plastered, he passed out in front of his sons completely naked. Jacob was a weasel… he cheated his brother out of his birthright… TWICE! David was an adulterer and a murderer AND he was the apple of God’s eye. David was one of the remarkable men of the Old Testament. He was a capable musician and beloved poet. He excelled as a military leader and king. And as “a man after God’s own heart” he was an exceptional religious leader. Yet, in spite of his illustrious achievements, Israel’s greatest king was not without some grievous faults — not the least of which was his shameful conduct with Bathsheba (2 Sam. 11:1-27).

He committed adultery with the beautiful Bathsheba, wife of Uriah the Hittite.

From this evil union a child was conceived. When David was informed of Bathsheba’s pregnancy, he determined to conceal the sin.

Each one of these people have a POWERFUL STORY of how they were used by God! If God can do it with them, He can do it with You! So NEVER FEEL that you cannot be accepted or used by God exactly where you are. God  CAN USE YOU FOR HIS GLORY!”

You don’t have to come from the most influential family or have a perfect upbringing. Don’t let how you were raised, what your parents did or didn’t give you, or how somebody treated you set the limits for your life. Don’t let your heredity stop your destiny.

Story from memiors:  ”Women Behind Prison Bars.”

Privacy notice: All names and identites are not released or made known public to protect the privacy of the individuals.


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