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Acid vs. Alkaline Balance for Weight Loss

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A high acid content in the body fluids will in turn trigger the body to create fat to bind or  hold the acidity and store it under the skin. This fat can be stored in places like our stomachs, buttocks, thighs, arms and even under our chins in order to prevent the acidity from harming our vital organs.
Just as our body works to maintain a body temperature of 98.6, it is also striving to achieve a blood pH balance of 7.365. This can only be achieved directly by what we eat and what we feel. When we consume foods on the acidic side, such as, coffee, meat, dairy, processed food, refined sugar, and if we feel stress our blood becomes acidic and our body naturally adds fat to protect the organs from the acidic condition. This acidic condition is a breeding ground for a number of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many others. They all stem from acidic blood. When we consume foods of an alkaline nature, such as, green leaves, vegetables, fresh filtered water, coconut water, almonds, etc. our blood then begins to become alkaline, ridding the body of excess protective weight. You begin to feel lighter and have more energy; after, first passing through a stage of detoxification which may involve lethargy, fatigue, headaches, and flu-like symptoms.
Blood pH is not the only important factor in weight loss, it is also aided by the enzymes that are found in raw plant foods. Enzymes are responsible for every function of the body and work hard to keep you healthy and rejuvenating. As you begin to clean your blood you will begin to notice your appearance becoming more youthful. You body is like an energy bank. When you are eating or drinking you are either making a deposit (health, vitality, and energy) or a withdrawal (sickness, tiredness, weight gain). So next time you go to eat or drink you have the choice to feel better. Don’t you want to choose alkalinizing and healthy food and feel better today?
To sum it up. While the Alkaline Diet is not a diet in the traditional sense that is aimed at huge weight loss, introducing an alkalizing diet  into our lives is one of the best ways to regain and to maintain an ideal weight for life.


Order my E-book, Menu, Food Plan and Weight Loss Success Packet Today!

Only $17.00

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