I Stand Strong

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Pull up a chair, or sit on the floor. Kick off your shoes, and sip a “cuppa”.

Be encouraged. Be Motivated. To love, to laugh, to persist.



desolate placeI stand strong in WHO I am,

and WHO I was meant to be.

I live my life for His Holy calling …

Out of His Spirit into my spirit …

Breathed out and pouring out of  my own body.

And at the END of it all …

It is I who will stand alone in His Holy presence ..

Before the Holy One …

20090214172226_thumbSeeing whether or not I did

What you I was  called to DO.

If I have followed Him,

Lived pure,

and followed His commands,

then I shall flourish.

And if anyone tries to negate me,

9995361-hippie-girl-in-the-grasscriticize me,

or ask you to cease His service,

so that it impedes my work to honor Him…

That is about THEM and not me.

Those with insecure spirits

are often uneasy

with those who are strong in spirit.

I shall not weaken myself in the face of opposition

To satisfy their insecurities.

I shall stand strong in Him.

guitarI shall not turn to the left or to the right

To make someone else feel less threatened.

I honor what comes from Him.

I honor what flows out of His spirit into my spirit.

I honor what calls out from my heart.

Even if someone else

Tells me that I cannot.

Because I CAN.

It is MY GIFT.

MY gift alone.

depositphotos_6437136-Hippie-girl-lying-on-a-guitarI was called to do something extraordinary for Him

That will speak inspiration to others.

I will use what is given to me

Even if it means

Everyone is not on my side

Because the Greatest IS BEHIND ME.

And my destiny with Him is IN FRONT OF ME.

15598151-beautiful-hippie-girl-with-guitarI will Go. Listen. Create.

God is with ME… simply asking … that I …

Honor what He sings to me in the morning …

Speak what HE echoes into my heart in the afternoon …

Rest in what He satisfies my spirit in the sunset …

It is MINE.


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